Putting good ideas into action

Why I'm running

In Hyattsville, we have been fortunate to have had amazing leadership that has represented our city with compassion and principle, putting us at the forefront of leading issues of the day. Back in January, we lost one of those amazing leaders, our Mayor Kevin Ward. While the City grieves this loss, we have no choice but to pick ourselves up and move forward.

Hyattsville has developed an identity as a regional leader on issues of democracy reform, civil rights protections, environmental sustainability, and community engagement. On these big issues, Hyattsville is recognized as a small town that punches above its weight. While this work has not been easy, it would have been impossible without engaged residents and supportive City leaders. I need your help to keep Hyattsville moving in the right direction. If elected, I will fight for:

Affordable Housing

Increase housing affordability through lowering property taxes for homeowners and prohibiting excessive rent increases for tenants.

Street Safety

Encourage walkable neighborhoods and safer streets through community outreach, targeted traffic calming interventions, and reduced speeding.

Police Reform

Strengthen public safety and accountability through creating a volunteer led Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement Commission.

Environmental Sustainability

Promote environmental sustainability by developing a Hyattsville Climate Action Plan, expanding our tree canopy, and pushing towards zero-waste.

Affordable Childcare

Partner with PGCPS and create an affordable City-run aftercare program for Hyattsville’s youth.


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About Me

I grew up in Seattle and am the second born of six kids, and am the first in my family to graduate high school. I went on to earn a degree in landscape architecture from the University of Oregon. Since then, my career has taken me from being a Park Ranger at Yosemite National Park to managing multi-million dollar design and construction projects for the Park Service in the DMV area.

In 2019, I married Minnesota-native Jennifer Linn, and together we raise my two kids. My son Lazaro has high-needs autism, so I know what it's like to fight for essential services and support for your family. 

Like many others, I became more politically engaged following the shocking election of Donald Trump in 2016. I attended protests, organized events, made calls, sent postcards, and eventually ran for office. In 2018, I was elected to the Prince George’s County Democratic Central Committee where I focused my efforts on creating a more transparent and progressive Democratic Party. In 2019, I was elected to Ward 2 on the Hyattsville City Council. I care deeply about Hyattsville and am passionate about the work of the City Council.  I am proud that we are regional leader on issues of democracy reform, civil rights protections, environmental sustainability, and community engagement. 

Since I’ve been your councilmember, I’ve led initiatives to:

▶ Provide relief to those impacted by the pandemic
▶ Fight development projects like Suffrage Pointe, the Clay Property, and Guilford Woods that destroy woodlands and fill floodplains
▶ Improve public safety by modernizing animal control regulations
▶ Ban dangerously loud and heavily polluting gas powered leaf blowers
▶ Dramatically expand compost collection from a small pilot program to a regular city service

None of this work has been easy, but it would have been impossible without your support and collaboration. If elected Mayor, I will continue to work with you to address the needs of our community, and keep up the fight to put our good ideas into action.

Let's do this together.

In Hyattsville, we believe in democracy and for a society that cares for its young, its poor, its old, its immigrants, and its disabled. In Hyattsville, we ARE a small town that punches above our weight. I need your help to keep Hyattsville moving in the right direction and on the right side of history, and continue our tradition of excellence in City leadership. This coming election, I ask for your vote.